Our story

Une Renaissance’s history

Une Renaissance is the result of an experience I lived a few years ago. I experienced a difficult pregnancy having been forced to be bedridden for many months and as a result I gained a few kilos.

Upon my daughter’s birth, I resorted to cosmetic surgery. Indeed, being very athletic, I was not able to go back to the body I wanted and was not at ease with the one I had.

I then made use of my network but also started looking from my side on the web to find the cosmetic surgeon capable to fulfill my expectations and someone who I could fully trust.

I must confess to you that it was not an easy task seen that the internet offers all kinds of clinics and surgeons. After having undergone three different consultations and received three quotes , all of them with different prices (mind blowing ones), I finally selected a surgeon abroad.

 If the operation went well, the result was not the one I expected and the surgeon offered to re operate me. These events made me aware of various things: to choose by yourself a surgeon online is not the right solution and to listen to thousands of different views coming from unknown people online, does not help at all (conversational forums, topic related Facebook groups).

Finally, for the post operation period, I had not imagined managing my daily life (family, work) after undergoing an operation would be this complicated, no one had warned me!

It is following this painful experience that along with my partner, we have thus decided to create Une Renaissance.Our main objective is to carry out your cosmetic surgery operation.

For this, two main focal points:

1- Offer a choice of surgeons through rigorous selection. (ici)

2- Organise for these people, the post operational part that is the convalescence period and physical rehabilitation if need be.( ici )

From there we have founded Une Renaissance that is based on four essential values: Trust – The Human Dimension- Excellency – Vision of cosmetic surgery

Our Team


42 years old – mother of a 14 year old girl

Entrepreneur – aesthete, curious and athletic

Italian, French, English and Spanish

I am of Italian origin and I have been living in Switzerland for thirty years now. I have created my own company a few years ago and this enabled me to identify the expectations and needs of my customers in various cosmetic and aesthetic domains.

When I decided, for various reasons, to resort to aesthetic medicine, it was very difficult for me to find the right and trustworthy surgeon.

With my partner, we have thus decided to found Une Renaissance to accompany people in search of the right cosmetic surgeon. I love meeting with people and exchange with them about their cosmetic surgery project. For me, to please, to listen to people and to help them throughout this process makes me happy. It is important to bring something to others.


45 years old

Athletic, adventurer and emphatic

French English Spanish and Russian

After a well filled course in the sports domain, I dedicated myself to sports education (STAPS MASTER) with notably a specialization in outdoor activities. Over time with the encounters and opportunities that come with it, I have worked with families from around the world (Russia, Azerbaijan , Saudi Arabia, USA). I made sure that everything went as planned for them and that their desires and expectations were met.

Luisa’s experience and her story brought me to participate in the development of Une Renaissance. It is something that I keep at heart and that leads me to invest myself fully in order to give our clients the best service and greatest satisfaction possible. I am in charge of the logistical and practical aspects for our clients in order to organize for them the most pleasant stay possible. I also take care of the company’s website and finally I also meet with our surgeons frequently.


31 years old

Travelling, Cinema, my friends and my family

French English German Italian and Serbo Croat

My roots are diverse (Switzerland, France, Serbo Croat) but my heart belongs to my family.

I studied International Law at a Master level. I have always liked cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine because according to me, they are things that are an integral part of life. I have worked for many years in this environment and when Luisa told me about her project, I was immediately excited by it and offered to be part of this adventure. I could talk to you about cosmetic surgery operations but I prefer talking to you about the well being that you experience when you are at ease with your body and mind. That is exactly the goal of my commitment with you. I essentially take care of the relationship between patient and surgeon(s) as well as promoting Une Renaissance.

Our Values


“Trust is acquired and does not come on demand, those who deserve it have no need of asking for it”..We are aware that this step is paramount. That is the reason, why we ensure that you get to personally meet all the surgeons that we collaborate with and to ensure to take the time to discuss together about your project.

The Human dimension

For us, cosmetic surgery is about ethics and the cornerstone of our work is YOU! If you are really keen about your project, so are we. It is really important for us to understand who you are and what you desire in order to accompany you in the best of ways towards the completion of your project.


“The one who seeks perfection, will reach Excellency”. From your first contact with Une Renaissance, until the post operation follow up, we ensure the best expected and possible service. This goes through the choice of surgeons as well as the clinics we collaborate with as well as planning your cosmetic surgery project.


Cosmetic surgery is undergoing perpetual evolution whether it be in its human approach or with the various techniques used. For us, it is important that your cosmetic surgery project be accompanied, guided and followed up and this before, during and after your cosmetic surgery operation.