Women resort more and more to operations of cosmetic surgery or aesthetic medicine and this for various reasons. Whether it be due to an illness, an accident or a simple physical complexity. (lire)

It is then crucial to ensure their guidance towards the suitable cosmetic surgeon that will be able to live up to their expectations and complete their operation.

For that, we offer the opportunity of organizing their cosmetic surgery project in Switzerland or abroad. It will then be possible for them to choose from a list of surgeons operating in various different countries. (Europe, Tunisia, Israel but also in South America).

We lean towards a particular attachment for the post operation recovery period for our feminine clients who in addition of having to deal with their professional lives, have also to deal with the family lives.

Our goal is to organize your cosmetic surgery project with you and to accompany you all along this process in order for it to become reality.

Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is one of the many faces of plastic but also reconstructive and esthetic surgery.

It deals with the skin and all the superficial non-visceral tissues of your body and aims to correct the appearance branded as unsightly by the patient(s) on demand.

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The aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine concerns the practice of non chirurgical acts aimed at improving someone’s physical appearance. Its’ most famous scope remains the treatment of wrinkles but the body is left behind.

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