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in Cosmetic Surgery

The Une Renaissance© Company offers a choice of qualified cosmetic surgeons operating in high standard clinics located in various countries to carry out your operations. Une Renaissance© ensures the success of your cosmetic surgery project.

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Aesthetic surgery for women

Women resort more and more to operations of cosmetic surgery or aesthetic medicine and this for various reasons. Whether it be due to an illness, an accident or a simple physical complexity.

Aesthetic surgery for Men

NO, cosmetic surgery is not only available to women! In fact, many surgeons are specialized in cosmetic surgery operations for men as well in aesthetic medicine (Botox injection, hyaluronic acid…). We collaborate with them and for this in various European countries, in Israel and South America.

Recovery time

We remind our clients regularly that the convalescence period is paramount for the success of your cosmetic surgery operation.Once the surgeon has taken good care of you and has fulfilled your dreams, you will be in need of several days of recovery.

The aesthetic surgeons

“When trust rimes with excellency”. We have rigorously selected for you, cosmetic surgeons in various countries. You will be able to choose the one that suits you the best in respect to your budget and to your expectations

Our Story
What is a Renaissance?

Une Renaissance has selected for you, trustworthy surgeons of excellent standards. This will enable you to choose the country and the surgeon to carry out your cosmetic surgery operation. We are also specialized in the post operational follow up and we organize your recovery according to your needs and wishes.

For this, we advise, accompany and guide you in your steps towards undergoing any cosmetic surgery opearion. Whether it be for face surgery (rhinoplasty, lifting, blepharoplasty…), for breast (implants, reduction, lifting …) or for any other part of your body (liposuction, intimate surgery).

If you deem that trust is paramount in these circumstances, then this is exactly why we personally know all of the surgeons we collaborate with. We have taken time to analyse their work and to understand a bit more their vision of cosmetic surgery. They are all members of one or more cosmetic surgery societies and are all registered with the Ministry of Health of the country where they ply their trade. Each surgeon has also a specific international insurance plan to cover all patients regardless of their country of origin.

We also ensure to meet up with them regularly in order to adapt our supply in cosmetic surgery to meet the demands of our clients in the best way possible. Finally, they have all adhered to Une Renaissance’s charter by accepting its ethical and moral values.

Budget is also a fundamental data upon the completion of your cosmetic surgery operation. That is why we collaborate with surgeons in various countries (Europe, Colombia, Brazil, Tunisia and Turkey) in order to propose different quotes and services.

If the most of the time, the post operational aspect and the recovery phase are neglected, we organise for you, the personal support before and after your operation. It is is a well known fact that this period whether shorter or longer is paramount for the success of your cosmetic surgery operation. Indeed 40% of a cosmetic surgery’s success depends on the quality of your convalescence period.

One of our strength is the ability to offer you the benefit of having a medical team at your side 24/7 (nurses, physiotherapists, massagists) to enable the use (upon medical authorization) of an hyperbaric chamber facilitating healing of your scars but also to put into place the organization of your daily life (personal assistant, personal driver, catering, personal shopper…).
The objective is to ensure that you are reunited back home with your family, having recovered in the best way possible from your operation and to be capable of adjusting back to normal life in all serenity.

More About Us

Our values in cosmetic surgery


“Trust is acquired and does not come on demand, those who deserve it have no need of asking for it” We are aware that this step is paramount. That is the reason, why we ensure that you get to personally meet all the surgeons that we collaborate with and to ensure to take the time to discuss together about your project.

The human dimension

For us, cosmetic surgery is about ethics and the cornerstone of our work is YOU! If you are really keen about your project, so are we. It is really important for us to understand who you are and what you desire in order to accompany you in the best of ways towards the completion of your project.

The Excellency

“The one who seeks perfection, will reach Excellency”. From your first contact with Une Renaissance, until the post operation follow up, we ensure the best expected and possible service. This goes through the choice of surgeons as well as the clinics we collaborate with as well as planning your cosmetic surgery project.


Cosmetic surgery is undergoing perpetual evolution whether it be in its human approach or with the various techniques used. For us, it is important that your cosmetic surgery project be accompanied, guided and followed up and this before, during and after your cosmetic surgery operation.