NO, cosmetic surgery is not only available to women! In fact, many surgeons are specialized in cosmetic surgery operations for men as well in aesthetic medicine (Botox injection, hyaluronic acid…). We collaborate with them and for this in various European countries, in Israel and South America..

We are aware of the fact that your timetable is often overloaded with frequent meetings and business trips that unfortunately leave traces on your face and body. That can be shown through small pockets under your eyes, being slightly overweight or through hair loss.

We are aware that we need to take into account your professional life’s constraints and to ensure that you return back to your active life as soon as possible. Une Renaissance offers you the possibility to organize, manage and implement your cosmetic surgery operation within short delays. We also put at your disposal everything you will be needing during your convalescence.

Body & Mass

For a number of years now, progress within this domain has been amazing. Harmonizing the upper body parts, reducing the fat excess as well as any other type of excess will enable you to recover a body and a mind you will be comfortable with.( ici ). If you are not a sport freak then please do not hesitate to contact us in order for our surgeons to advise you for the best solution for you and your body.

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Face & Hair

“The face is the mirror of the soul” as quoted Cicero. In our modern society, it has become more and more important for men to take good care of themselves.(ici).This involves advanced cosmetic surgery treatments that obtain natural and beautiful results as does aesthetic medicine. Thereby, light treatments such as these will enable you to look good and to go back to work on the same day without having to worry about other people’s stares.

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